Kat takes on the Oral B Britain's Brush One Month Challenge!

Over the next month I'll be doing the Oral B One Month Challenge to see if I can be converted from my favourite manual brush - the Listerine Reach in Medium to an electric toothbrush!  I'll be using the Professional Care 500 Power Brush that you can pick up for half price (£22.50) from all major retailers (Boots, Argos, etc) until May.

I decided to pop on the Floss Action brush head rather than the Precision Clean one - it'll be interesting to see if it can do two jobs in one!

I was in love with my Phillips Sonicare brush for a while, but I feel it is a bit much for my enamel to use it twice a day, so I can't wait to see if my Oral B will be as effective with keeping plaque build-up at bay without such intense action.  I do prefer the oscillating-rotating action to the linear Sonicare already.

I'll be using it twice a day for two minutes, making sure to floss, avoiding sugary snacks and especially fizzy drinks, which I've been getting better at recently.  Teeth and bikini body in mind, snack-wise I'll be trying to stick to raw veggies (I love houmous and carrot sticks), cheese, nuts and fruit - but only occasionally as it can be acidic too.  Acids in fizzy drinks are a nightmare for tooth enamel, and it's not a good idea to brush directly after consuming as this is when the enamel is especially weak.  

I'll be back in a month to let you know how I get on and see what shape my teeth are in!  Let me know if you're taking part in the challenge too and happy National Smile Month!

*Brush provided for review purposes


  1. Oohh I might go and grab myself one of these and join in on the challenge! Since I've been drinking lots of water I haven't drunk any tea/coffee or fizzy drinks. I haven't had a fizzy in over a month. You just stop craving it after about a week and the thought of a coke or a sprite makes me feel gross now! You should really start chugging down the water! I also have a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk during the day too. x

  2. I'm curious about that too! I am using the Crest Spinbrushes but I'd like to try something else :p

  3. Good for you Kat! I use the Sonicare one and I like it! Makes a difference with the manual one!

  4. I never tried electronic brush unless I'm going to my dentist! hahaha :))

    Thanks for sharing, makes me wanna buy one! :D

  5. @Angel Armogida - yes you should! Why don't you tweet Oral B? That's what I did!

    @Rainy Days and Lattes - I have the Colgate Actibrush which I think is similar to the Spinbrush, but it's rubbish - used it once and laid it aside!

    @Ms Bubu - it certainly does!

    @Katrina - you should definitely check them out - they work much better than manuals at keeping plaque away, but I still like my manual for tongue brushing (yuck!)

    Kat xx


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