My Nail Polish Top 10 - And I'm Not Even That Into It!

Trust me, I'm as surprised as you are! Who knew I was such a nail polish junkie?!  I keep my stash on their side (I know, I know!) in a pink drawer and there's no way I thought it contained almost 70 bottles of the good stuff!  I even forgot to include my Barry M clear top coat (more of it later) as it just lives by my bed most of the time.  I must have more nail polish than anything else, and if anything I'm more a perfume and eyeshadow nut.  I might have to blog sale some of these soon!

Pretty prettiness...I'm seeing a trend here...a very pink, purple and nude trend!

In fairness I would say I received over half of these polishes free with magazines or No7 offers and there are lots of cheap and cheerful Rimmels, Collection 2000s and Primarks in there.  I only have a handful of OPI and no China Glaze or Essie (except the free magazine mini).

So here are my TOP 10 picks from my collection:

In no particular order (click links for my reviews/more pics):

Primark Nails Glo Baby Glo in (I've thrown away the box it came in so I don't know the name m'fraid!)
Primark Nails Glo Baby Glo in Fondant
Ciate Paint Pots in Dangerous Affair (the colour is pretty standard, but the finish is immaculate)
GOSH in Frou Frou
GOSH in Metallic Purple (love love love this with Frou Frou over the top)
Nails Inc. in London (free with Diet Cokes)
Nails Inc. in Hampstead Heath (free with Glamour)
MAC Nail Lacquer in Bad Fairy
Superdrug £1 MUA range in shade 15

Superdrug £1 MUA range in shade 7

I'm really into No7's Stay Perfect Quick Dry Nail Oil, I wouldn't pay the full price for it, but I got it for a couple of pounds with one of those £5 off vouchers.  It works pretty well, but isn't amazing.  I don't know why I took a pic of the cuticle oil, I have to say I hardly ever use it, but this Boots one isn't bad - and a million miles better than the e.l.f. cosmetics cuticle pen, which is worse than crap.

I had high high HIGH hopes for Seche Vite, and the first time I used it I thought it was holy grail material.  Alas, I've found that although it does give you a very glossy finish and seals over the paint underneath, you can practically 'peel' both off your nails, and so you lost large chunks of polish rather than tiny chips.  What really alerted me to its tendency to do this is that I use a clear polish to paint over names and numbers on my make up brushes, like the MAC 168 or 109, and I found I could literally peel the strip off.  So back I go to my trusty Barry M clear topcoat and nail hardener.  This stuff is the business and doesn't budge from my nails or my make up brushes!


  1. Blimey! I like your collection, love the GOSH Frou Frou nail varnish :)

  2. Hey Kat!
    I've had the same experience with the Seche Vite top coat.. I've heard(haven't tried) that you're supposed to paint the top coat on WET nail polish. I find that Seche shrinks the nail polish when you do it over dried nail polish, which could be causing the peeling issue. I've moved on to Zoya's system(not the greatest), but I might try my seche next time i paint.. but over the nail polish when its still wet. Maybe give that a try?

  3. @Mim - I know! If GOSH ever discontinue it I will take to the streets!

    @Kirsti x - thanks - who knew?!

    @linnea - hmm, verrry intersting - I never thought to use it over wet polish but will give that a go - but wouldn't the SV brush just pick up the colour of the wet polish underneath and contaminate the bottle? Can't see it working but willing to try anything rather than let it go to waste - maybe I'll just keep it for red/pinkish colours

    Kat xx

  4. Wooww, so much!
    I <3 how you hav the poi's then the primarks!
    A woman after me own heart haha xx

  5. Great collection, I want the Barry M now!


  6. Some gorgeous pinks in there :) I tried to pick my top ten the other day and couldn't narrow it down any further than 25 ha! Top coat wise I swear by Jessica Brilliance, fab stuff xx

  7. Great collection! I wonder how many shades I have?!

  8. I have the same problem with Seche Vite and I have tried it over polish in every way imaginable - wet, dry, really thin, really thick... nothing works!


  9. Wow I thought I had a lot, that is pretty mad, love your top 10 pick's.

  10. I think if you use a big enough dollop of Seche Vite (or any topcoat, really) then it won't pull on the wet polish. Worth a try, no?

  11. Nail polish heaven <3 Hahaha!

  12. LOVE the first one. Pity it's nameless.

  13. I love the Gosh nail polishes in the photo I've never used anything by gosh before I need to nipup to superdrug and buy some.

  14. wow...!!!lovely collection...1


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