What's In My Shower?

Because I love being nosey and I'm sure you do too!

Yes, I have four shampoos and three conditioners on the go...what can I say? I'm a fickle product whore!  I would repurchase everything other than the Frederic Fekkai producsts and Jason Natural Jojoba Shampoo.  In-depth musings coming soon.

My favourite body products are The Pink Cow Coconut Creme - I'm on my 3rd bottle with no sign of a let up in my obsession with the scent or love of the creamy lather.  The Lush Iced Wine 'solid' shower gel is a faff that doesn't even smell too great, I got it in a 50% off set at Christmas and wouldn't bother repurchasing.

The Clean & Clear exfoliating daily face wash is a staple of my skincare regime which I've been using for about 4 years.  I can't find it on so if it's been discontinued I will go Rambo on C&C - I can keep them in business alone by my love of this product.

I love my L'Oreal plastic scrublet, but wouldn't repurchase the face wash for the sake of it.

I bought 3 bottles of the Avon face scrub below thinking it was the amazing blue exfoliator they used to make, but it wasn't and I don't rate this one at all.

I can't be without my pink shower 'poof' - without it I would go through 10x the shower gel.

I must have tried every body exfoliating scrub under the sun before I gave up and started using the orange Body Shop 'scrubby gloves' as I call them. Forget expensive scrub tubs, these are all you need to slough off dead skin. They're the only thing that get off the last residues of fake tan. I use them with my Pink Cow shower creme so my skin doesn't get too irritated.

While I do love my Venus razor, I'm tempted to get something like a Mach3 - when you think about it, of course razor's made for guys are going to work better! But sadly they won't be pink.

I picked up my 'manual' Clarisonic face brush from Sephora for $5. It's far better than the dinky Body Shop one which I find to stiff. I use it with the Clean and Clear face wash.

I also have a big old wooden back brush, but it's huge and not too pretty so I'll leave it to your imagination!


  1. I have the same Kerastase hair mask, it's amazing:)

  2. I currently use three types of Aussie 'take the heat' conditioners (3 minute miracle, leave in cream and leave in spray) and Pantene Aqualight (on my third set of shampoo and conditioner). I might try Miracle Moist shampoo, though. I keep seeing it recommended... x

  3. I love the little Loreal scrublet too, but the boyfriend making 'scrubber' jokes is not worth it :|

  4. Is it creepy that I like knowing what people have in their showers?

  5. ultra cool post, love posts like these.

  6. @EllysMakeupbag - it's my second one and at £25 a pop I must really love it!

    @Ruthy - I love the 3 minute miracle but the leave in spray is too heavy for my hair. Tried a sample of Pantene Aqualight a while back, I did like it but wasn't keen enough to purchase. Deffo recommend Miracle Moist.

    @Robyn - Haha! I've avoided that one luckily!

    @Dee - no my dear, completely normal! *shifty eyes*

    @jollbeanchang - thanks, glad you enjoyed!

    Kat xx

  7. oh my gosh, i haven't seen a bottle of Jason Natural Jojoba Shampoo since i was a kid!! i guess it's just not sold in the states anymore =/

    love this post!

  8. I absolutely LOVE posts like these! I guess I'm just relieved that I'm not the only nosy person, peeking around in my friends' bathrooms... LOL

    I just posted "What's in my shower?", check it out! :-)

    Liesl xxx


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