What on earth did I do before Batiste ?!

...I washed my hair Every Single Morning.

There are products which are nice to use and then there are products which Change Your Life.  Now I'm not going all philosophical on you, but I am mighty happy to get an extra few minutes in bed in the morning and save my very slow growing hair from excessive and styling damage.

I started off with the Blush version but soon grew tired of the cloying smell - it's so strong and recognisable that people - well women at least - will know you're using it.  I went through the Tropical phase, and do still enjoy this one in the summer.  Fresh is my current favourite but I also adore the scent of Brit.  My heart sank when I thought Batiste were discontinuing their Brunette coloured one as it blended in perfectly with my hair and the smell is lovely, but it seems it's just been rebranded and repackaged into the 'with a hint of colour' range and the 'medium and brunette' one is basically just the old Brunette one (see below).  Happy days!

I had a little break from using coloured
Batiste before they relaunched it and in that time I really got to like the other versions, and I actually think the ones with white powder absorb oil better, but maybe it's just my perception.

This  is what the medium and brunette one looks like when first sprayed on:

When it dries it takes on a greyer tone, but it still blends in better than the white powder ones.  If I'm using it in the morning or just to add a bit of volume and body to my hair I tend to reach for the hint of colour.

Batiste is one of the best value dry shampoos out there, what's your favourite?


  1. I love Batiste! Surprisingly though despite having really dark hair I've never tried the coloured one. Next time!


  2. My hair was a nightmare before I discovered batiste- I had to wash it everyday too and it STILL would be greasy! xxx

  3. I am addictedddddd to Batiste, have the original, the brunette and the mini handbag one!! Had to wash my hair everyday before this and now maximum I wash it every two days!!!

  4. Wow, seriously?? I wash my hair everyday because it's very fine and gets oily so fast.. I wonder if this would help me at all? I also wonder if they sell this in the US? Maybe I'll try finding some! I can't even imagine not having to wash my hair before going out........

  5. I love dry shampoo! That one looks great - smart to tint it brown!

  6. @Emily - that's what I was like until I found Batiste - I've had a look online and you can order it from Amazon in the US - here's the link:


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