Review: John Freida Root Awakening Shampoo & Leave-In Spray

This John Frieda range was doing the rounds a few months ago and I of course jumped on the bandwagon after seeing lots of positive buzz about it.

Having finally finished the shampoo I thought I might as well let you know how I got on. I think I expected too much from this shampoo from the outset - I expected my roots to come to life, thereby stimulating strong healthy hair growth and also, long sought-after volume. While using it I did feel a bit let down and having come to the end of the bottle I can't say I notice any changes in the condition of my hair - for better or worse although it claims to 'strengthen the roots for visibly stronger, shinier and 3x healthier hair'. One drawback is that I have very oily hair which needs washing every morning, and this shampoo did seem to do a bit of root stimulation for me in that my hair seemed to get greasier faster - not what I needed and I can do without 'shinier' hair if this also means 'greasier'! 

On the upside however, it's a great shampoo to break out on a drowsy morning as it invigorating Eucalyptus helps wake you up. In fact it smells a little bit like toothpaste...but in a good way. Despite stimulating oil production, I did feel that this shampoo thoroughly cleaned my hair, which some gentler more moisturising ones fail at! It's probably that by stripping my hair I sent my sebaceous glands into over drive and created a vicious cycle!

While I was using it I definitely didn't consider repurchasing it, but now that I've been without it for a few weeks, I miss not having it to pick up when I feel my hair needs a good clean - especially after a Batiste-heavy day!

Now I really don't rate the 'Strength Boosting Leave-In Spray' - I used it a few times, felt it did nothing for my hair and palmed it off on my dear old mum who is always using strength and growth boosting potions on her hair. She seems to like it at least!

Do you have oily hair and if so, what shampoo do you recommend to keep the grease at bay?


  1. John Frieda has never worked for me at all! :( Sad face! Instead, I use Herbal Essence which None of Your Frizziness helps with my easily oily hair and also helps with humidity too! Wonderful stuff.

  2. I used to be nuts about Herbal Essences but haven't used them in years - I might check your suggestion out, thanks!


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