Six NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

These NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils featured high up on my shopping list when I was in Miami last November after seeing them featured by US beauty bloggers and vloggers since...well, forever!  NYX wasn't as available as I expected it to be, but I came across a small stash in an ULTA and bought most of the colours they had on sale as there was a buy one get one half off deal on the go.

I adore these pencils and will be stocking up next time I'm Stateside.  They are soft, creamy, pigmented and long lasting.  I prefer to use them as an eyeshadow base rather than on their own, but I do sometime use Yoghurt all over my eye and dash.

Below are swatches of (from L-R): Bronze, Cottage Cheese, Slate, Milk, Purple Velvet and Yoghurt.

I really couldn't say which one is my favourite, but Slate creates a beautiful smudgy smoky eye.

Have you tried NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils? What colours do you recommend I try next?


  1. Ok, this is really crazy because I was just playing with the Jumbo Eye Pencils and your post popped up! I think Strawberry Milk is a really pretty shade :)

  2. Slate looks awesome! I've always ignored that one... may have to pick it up.

    Rocky Mountain Green, Iced Mocha (tauuuupeee!) and Rust next! :)

  3. I love the look of Bronze and Yoghurt, one question though, do they crease? xx

  4. slate looks very nice I may have to pick that one up. I also might try Yogurt. I only own Milk and Iced Mocha but I like them. I dont use them as much as I could. They kind of get forgotten but I used Iced Mocha today and it looks lovely

  5. I have milk.. Im going to stack up on more now :D

  6. i have milk, hot pink and cherry red and well the last 2 are kinda similar
    i would like strawberry milk, pacific, oyster and pacific
    got them really good price on ebay shop oh-jhoy :)

  7. @nav - snap!

    @Cydonian - ooh I must get my hands on Iced Mocha, I such a taupeophile!

    @Jude - Yoghurt is gorgeous, these aren't too bad to be honest - I can use them on their own, but their staying power increases with a bit of powder eyeshadow over the top - they pretty much last my work day.

    @Tru - I know! I've had these for a while but don't show them the attention they deserve!

    @Evo-o-lution - oops, sorry to be an enabler!

    @Priscilla - Oh you lucky thing! I definitely plan to expand my collection too!

    @Saffi - oh thanks for the recommend - is that the lady behind oh jhoy beauty blog? Oyster sounds v interesting...

  8. I have French Fries but never wear it as it creases within one hour on me )=

  9. I have a bunch of pencils, I like them. My next used after Milk is Lime, a pretty light shimmery yellow-green. It's a perfect base for the lime-colored shadows I often wear. I'm particularly fond of wearing them together under my lower lashline. :)

  10. They all look great. I can't beleive I don't own any of these yet. I have to invest in a few of these. Great swatches. xx

  11. I like purple velvet and yoghurt..and yes,slate would create pretty smokey smudge eyes ^^
    Too bad not easy to get nyx in my country =.=

  12. Wow nice range for eye pencils. I would like to try cherry red eye liner.


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