A Little Look at Firstlight Cosmetics

An embarrassingly long time ago a lovely company called Firstlight Cosmetics sent me a couple of their products to try out and being a mineral foundation fanatic I of course went for their offering and chose their large fluffy powder brush.

The products come in this pretty cotton drawstring bag which is produced by the women of the Mabinti Center in Tanzania.

This photo of the brush is from when it was brand-spanking new, but it's had a lot of love since and if you want to see what it looks like now, check out my March Favourites.  

I adore this goat hair brush and it washes like a dream with minimal shedding. I use it everyday without fail to set my foundation and don't feel the need to get the MAC 134, so it's well worth £11.99.

I was delighted to see their 100% mineral range of foundations goes seriously light.  I'm an NW10-15 so I picked out First Frost, which is astoundingly pale - even for me! I think I would have fared better with Peach Blossom.  If you have difficulty finding a pale enough match for your skin on the highstreet I seriously recommend having a look at Firstlight's range, which isn't tested on animals.

The packaging is very similar to bareMinerals'.  Now, with Firstlight you are supposed to get 10g, while bareMinerals claims to be 8g.  Now there definitely isn't only a difference of 2g, so either Firstlight are over-filling (yay!) or bareMinerals are over-reporting!

Here's how the two products compare side by side.  I use BM's 'Fair'.

A sprinkle of First Frost...

First Frost rubbed in...

As you can see, the coverage is pretty good for a 'powder' foundation, if the colour is perhaps a little light for me, but I do love to use this as a finishing powder in the winter to lighten up some of my liquid foundations which are too dark.  Comparing to Bare Minerals, I felt the powder didn't give as 'silky' as finish, but it's at a more affordable price of £12.99 and BM don't go as light with their shade range.

The company name was inspired by an old African saying - However long the night, the dawn will break.

It's creators believe make up should boost your inner beauty rather than cover it up to create a luminous brightening effect rather than looking matte and artificial.  They have a gorgeous range of blushes and eyeshadows and I highly recommend a looksee at their small but perfectly formed brush range.  Have you tried any Firstlight Cosmetics?   

*products provided for review purposes


  1. goat hair, sounds scary to me but minimal shedding is always a plus....

  2. It's so weird to hear you say a foundation was 'too light' for you! I'll have to check out the brushes!

  3. wow, I didn't expect that much coverage.
    Thanks for the review :)

  4. @Miss Educator - many make up brushes are made of goat hair - most MAC brushes that are not synthetic are made from it including my beloved 219 and 239.

    @Angel - I know! More mainstream companies need to get on board with the pale shades!

    @MissKatv - you're welcome!

    Kat xx

  5. Thanks for the review! I am a total bare minerals fan girl, but it is quite pricey for the amount you get, and am thinking about trying something new. This might be the one!

  6. that brush looks lovely, and the foundation looks great on you :)
    check out my blog if you have time?:)


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