Mini Portobello Market Make Up Haul

Most Saturday mornings I wander around the corner to a couple of make up stalls on Portobello Market and I always pick up some little goody.  I wan't looking for anything in particular, but had been thinking about Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer for a while and wanted to try the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder after Miss Glamorazzi's endorsement.  I've wanted one of these Maybelline Superstay Glosses for ages but the testers in drugstores were usually missing or so gunky I didn't wanted to swatch them on the back of my hand!

I picked up the concealer for £2 and it's in #51 - the lightest in the range - the same as the foundation which is a perfect match for me.  It's a thicker consistency than I expected it to be.

 The coverage is pretty impressive too, however, it's just too dark and yellow toned for me.  It doesn't blend very well and feels dry, while settling into the fine lines under my eyes.  Glad I didn't pay the full highstreet price!

This Maybelline Superstay Gloss in #450 Citrus Glow and is a gorgeous colour.  You have to let the pigmented side dry for 2 minutes before applying the gloss over.  For a long wearing product it's not very drying and I like it without the gloss.  It's was also £2.

Without the clear gloss

With the clear gloss over the top

With the warmer weather approaching (yay!) I'm making sure to set my liquid foundation with a powder to prolong it's life.  Miss Glamorazzi from YouTube named the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse as her favourite setting powder and when I spotted it yesterday I had to give it a try.  I picked up the lightest shade they had, which is Ivory Light 2-3 for £4.

It has the most unusual opening mechanism I've come across in a powder compact, but it works well.

The powder is extremely light, so I may save this one for the winter months.  For me it's strictly only a setting powder as it doesn't provide enough coverage to work alone, as some powder compacts can, like my e.l.f. studio pressed powder.

So nothing too exciting, but I got all of these for only £8, which is significantly less than what you'd pay for all three in Boots or Superdrug.  All the products are fully sealed so they can't be tampered with.  The only downside is that there aren't any testers, but at the bargain prices I don't mind taking a risk.  The same stall had a few MAC items - single eyeshadows, pigments, blushes, compact foundations at least over 1/3 cheaper than in store, but none took my fancy.
I'm still on a quest to find a new concealer, and it's looking like I'll be repurchasing Collection 2000's Lasting Finish in Fair...I see it's gone up to over £4 - it was only £1.99 last year!


  1. lovely items, it's a pity you don't like the concealer, but hey! as you say, at least you didn't pay a lot for it!

    how's the weather being like in London? I'll be there in 3 days, staying until Sunday. I hope I get to see the London Sun!

  2. thumbs up with your concealers coverage :)

  3. i noticed superdrug have all collection 2000 under £4 at the moment, i got a foundation and saved a few £

  4. I love that concealer! Think I use 52, I like that its thicker....I need the cover.


  5. good option for a setting powder. I'm going to pick it up...

  6. i love this concealer but I suppose everyone is different, maybe give it another try sometime x

  7. Great deal! :) The concealer looks really good and very high coverage. The lip color on you is beautiful :)

  8. I've heard wonderful things about that concealer! Must try it. It looks fab.


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