Pensive Moments

I'm going totally off topic here but just thought I'd show you a few snaps from my lovely sunny carb-filled weekend!  Normal service will resume tomorrow!

Afternoon tea at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho...

...with pink lemonade!

Believe it or not I could barely finish these fancies I was so full!

I may or may not have nicked the mini jam pot!

Next up, boating in Regent's Park.  If you're in or near London I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful park...I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Putting my feet up while Kev did the hard peddling!

My next move up on the property ladder ;)

Minaret of Regent's Park Mosque

The last daffodil of Spring...

Elegant heron...

They ganged up on me!
And a perfect Thai food finish to a lovely weekend!

I hope you all got the chance to soak up some rays this past weekend...and here's to next!

And as I really have to feature some make-up, here's a Lip of the Day - Superdrug MUA lipstick in shade 7!


  1. I'm jealous of the cream tea - I think I may invite the girls over and do something similar x

  2. I am a huge lover of afternoon tea, I do reviews of it on my blog - this is going on my to visit list!

    thanks for sharing x

  3. hey ladies, I highly recommend BobBobRicard - it was £23.50 for the high tea and you get your own little tray and it all tastes lovely :) The only better one I've been to was The Ritz and it's double the price. BBR decor is very cool also.

  4. Beautiful photos, i really love the animal/bird ones x

  5. Oh this post made me so sad when I saw the daffodil. I've been living in hope that they will be around just long enough to be used as my wedding bouquet in 5 weeks. Fingers crosses someone may import them for me.
    On a brighter note, these pictures are lovely. It looks like you had such a good time. I think I would have found a mini jam jar in my bag once I got home that had 'accidently' fell in there. Haha.
    The food looks good enough to eat off the page.

  6. Stunning photographs, looks like you had a fab weekend. Jude xx

  7. Look like you had lots of fun! I love the pictures. Food looks great too!

  8. gorgeous pictures..thanks for sharing them with us!

  9. Gorgeous pictures. I love London in the sunshine and that afternoon tea looks yummy! x

  10. I am going to London for a week-end with 2 friends in 6 weeks, can't wait!
    Thnaks for sharing!

  11. Stunning photos, I love the blossom pictures :) Looks like a fab weekend, the food looks amazing too!
    Giveaway at

  12. Mmmm that food looks delish! For some reason I'm drawn to the sandwiches on the bottom tier in the first pic lol!!

  13. did you really take this photo of a squirrel yourself? wow!!! i love it xx
    [please will you tell me which font you used for your title? i love it xx)
    @tsunimee on twitter

  14. What a lovely blog you have!Congratulations :)
    I'd like to know what's the name or adress of the thai restaurant, I will move in London this summer with my boyfriend and I'd love to have nice places to eat and everything.
    Thanks and stay gorgeous!


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