My Make Up, Brush & Perfume Collection Storage

I took these photos a few months ago and then promptly forgot to do a post about it! Since then my collection has grown a little, but the only main change is I now have a black box of foundations where my perfumes used to be, and they've moved up to the shelf above. I've acquired a few more brushes and eyeshadow palettes and so I got a couple of pieces from Paperchase for Christmas which I'll show at the end.

I cannot tell you how long I waited for Ikea to get this piece of furniture back in stock and at one point, they told me it was going to be discontinued! I feel like I spent the whole of Summer 2009 watching Ikea's website like a hawk! It's the ALVE range and the bureau comes separate from the add on shelves at the top. I love it and it's the perfect solution to store all my girly stuff and act as a desk for blogging! I like the fact that for most of the day my perfumes are not in direct daylight thus prolonging their life.

This is the Nightingale Multi Drawer set from WH Smith and it's wonderful for storing make up as drawers are all different sizes. It's currently £16.99. I recently picked up the cupcake one which is so cute for my jewellery collection, but I have a feeling that my excess make up which no longer fits in this set of drawers will soon be squatting in the cupcake one too!

Top three drawers: Misc. beauty tools like brushguards, sponges, brushes I don't use - Concealers and under eye highlighters and eye shadow primers - eyeliners and eye brow pencils

Middle two drawers: small eye shadow palettes - mascaras and eyelash curlers

Bottom drawer: liquid and powder foundations

This set of pink plastic drawers was about £4 in a 'junky shop' (my mum's phrase) and stores so much. I've had it for over a year and last weekend scoured the junky shops near me for another to flank the other side of my Nightingale but it's not to be found anywhere :( I did come across it online but it was £14.99 and out of stock.

Top drawer holds face primers and SPF creams, next one holds single eyeshadows, next one stores lip products and the one beneath is for blushes, bronzers and cheek highlighters.

Unfortunately I don't think Paperchase stock these drawers anymore as I picked them up in the New Year sales last year for about £9. They're very sturdy. Top one stores my MAC stuff and bottom is all my Benefit stuff - I keep them separate from the rest of my make up as I often like to do looks with all MAC or all Benefits products, plus the packaging gets less damaged than if it was chucked in with the rest of my make up. The Nightingale drawers sit on top of these.

I got this letter holder from Rymans to hold my eye shadow palettes. Since then I've seen a pink one and wish I waited to get that one!

This glass holder for my make up brushes started its life as an Ikea candle which is about £3. It took ages to burn the candle down, and I actually use two of these glasses. I spent forever looking for a container of this size and am still on the search for little round plastic beads to fill it with to keep my brushes upright, much like the Sephora one that swept the beauty world a couple of years ago. If you have any idea where I can get beads like this in the UK or order online please let me know!

I got these pen and letter holders from Paperchase just before Christmas so they should still have them. I love them because they match my Nightingale drawers. I'm using the pen holder for my MAC brushes and the letter holder for my smaller eye shadow palettes, like the Urban Decay NAKED palette, my fave :)

I love reading about/watching YT vids on others' make up and brush storage solutions, so if yours is out there on the net please let me know by leaving a link to it in a comment below!


  1. Wow everything is so neat! I love it! The WH Smith's drawers are cute...I think I need something like that so I'll keep an eye out. Great blog!

    Zoe xx
    Feel free to take a look at my blog-

  2. Have you tried supermarkets for the plastic drawers? I got some, which i think are the same size (but bright pink) from Morrisons last week for £5 :)

  3. @Pamela - oh wow thanks for letting me know! I'm gonna check out Morrisons this weekend in that case! Bright pink sounds good! I know Asda have a lot of these kinds of drawers but they tend to be a gunmetal colour, and I want something girly! Thanks so much for the heads up! Hope they're not sold out! x

  4. i would love some storage drawers like yours:((

  5. You've inspired me to re-organize my makeup collection : )

  6. WOW the bureau from Ikea is gorgeous! I need to sort out my make up and get it organised properly. Im not as inventive as you clearly cause I didnt even think of using stationery bits to do it!
    Love your blog xxx

  7. Your boxes and holders are sooo cute! :) You have a really lovely collection! XX

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  9. Wow, so pretty & organised!

    Come & do mine? :]

    X x


  10. @Madlen - I'm not sure if WH Smith deliver internationally but it's worth a look :)
    @Marie a la Mode - Oh you must do a post on it!
    @Gem - Thanks hun! I've always loved stationery stuff and now I do even more! I'd definitely recommend getting the Ikea stuff delivered, the boxes were ridiculously heavy!
    @Jacenda - Thanks dear!
    @Beauty Geek - anytime haha! Just became a follower of your blog, the layout is gorgeous :)

  11. Ha, my storage solution is a Darth Vader mug. Yours is much more elegant!

  12. I adoreeee your make up storage especially the 4dollar item.. so pinky gorgeous :D:D

  13. I completely agree about watching make up storage solutions on YouTube, it always gives me great ideas - plus I just like having a nose at other people's make up collections!

    I absolutely love your storage space, the shelves are fantastic!

  14. Super set up. I am in love with that bureau. I wish I had somewhere to set it up

  15. This look so organized. I wish I could have everything in order, but I have so much stuff that don't even know where to put it anymore. Love the storage.

  16. My make-up is homeless! I lug it all around with me to and from my mums along with all my MAC brushes in their brush roll! I want a proper home! :(

    I got 2 of those grey storage drawers but been meaning to use one to store all my candles, incense, oils and the other to hold sewing stuff.. so let me know if you have any success in Morrisons getting pink ones. Gonna pop down to the W12 one tomorrow when I go to get Mark's bday pressie and I'll let you know if there are any there!

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  17. Ok. So you must have the neatest make up set ever. Like seriously. MIne is...everywhere. haha. Oh and the ALVE? Isn't IKEA genius??? I think so. I SO wanted this desk but alas, it did not fit and then when I got the space, I already had furniture and it didn't match...and...yeah. I'm apparently a pseudo interior designer. :( I want it again now haha <3 Have a great one! x http://xNTA.blogspot.com/

  18. lovely storage i got a set of draws simular to your pink and black ones my bf got it for me for xmas it has lots of sanctuary goodies in it :)

  19. Your storage is SO pretty! I've got those sort of drawers, but white instead of pearly pink, and they're at hardware stores and fabric stores

  20. Oh my gosh I love it! Wish i had a setup like this ;)

  21. Search for poly pellets :D They should be available at doll making shops, and ebayUK will DEFINITELY have them.

  22. I love your set up! Your various organizers are so cute!

  23. love this post! its great seeing how people organise their makeup. the storage boxes are really pretty =) x

  24. you have a gorgeous way of storing your make up ^^

  25. awww! I love your make up storage!

  26. lovely desk!! hey, I've given you an award on my blog because I enjoy reading yours, check this post http://beautyponder.blogspot.com/2011/01/award-who-me.html

  27. Love the paperchase pen holder! I may have to get that for my
    make up brushes! It's much nicer then my elf
    one x

  28. Im a new follwer =)
    u keep everything so nice and neat..

  29. Aww so cute...great find!! Following and supporting. Nice blog :)

  30. That multi drawer from WH Smith is a great find! Love the blog. :) The design is so cute!

  31. What a great setup you have! I love reading about storage solutions. So cool that your cabinet doubles as a blogging area! LOVE it!!!

  32. Oooh I love me some organized makeup. I need to buy more storage as I have been on a spending spree and am running out of room!
    I have a blog award for you! Thanks for being so awesome! http://mamalovesmakeup.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-first-blog-award.html

    I'm checking out WHSmith & Paperchase now - look on eBay for beads for your brush storage hun x

  34. I so envy your collection... and those brushes! love love love them.

    and oh.. that Pink drawer looks amazing!

  35. Everything is so beautifully arranged. The brushes are so great. Beautiful! I have to start doing something similar. Great post!

  36. I see you like pink just as much as me! Love the hot pink storage shelf!

    Check out my blog :)

  37. @Robyn - Oh trust me it's not that elegant when I'm getting ready - it looks like a whore's boudoir normally!
    @Dyna - Thanks, you can get really nice storage for quite cheap if you look around!
    @salut!sophie - It's good fun but so annoying when you can only get something in the US or elsewhere, like Target!
    @FunnyFaceBeauty - My room is pretty crowded too - I had to throw away a big desk to make room for it!
    @Angelys - My collection is growing rapidly too! I'm going to need to start taking over some shelves above!
    @Angel - Don't you have that lovely box from WH Smith - the blue and silver one?
    @xNTA - the desk doesn't really match the rest of my furniture but I don't mind - I love it!
    @charmed-chick - Oh I saw that set and was really tempted but I already had these - thank you so much for the blog award!
    @eRiN - Thanks hun!
    @Emily - Thanks dear!
    @electonicfly - Thanks so much for giving me the name, I am looking it up now!
    @Jennifer Leight - Thanks hun!
    @Starsglittermagic - Thanks dear!
    @Iyah - Thanks!
    @Ms Bubu - Yay for Youtube!
    @Phipat Suyo - thanks!
    @Evelien - Thanks so much for the award my dear!
    @Rachel - I was thinking about getting the elf one but much happier with this paperchase one now!
    @MB - Thanks for following!
    @AmericanMakeup - Thanks for following!
    @Looking your best - Thanks hun! It's a bit pink but I love it!
    @Pammy - Thanks hun!
    @Make-up your mind - Thanks for following!
    @Elyse - Thanks so much for the blog award lovely!
    @chloelebreton - Oh do let me know if you come across the beads!
    @Hollie - Thanks dear!
    @Vintage Lady - Oh you must do a post about your set up!
    @Jewlez - Pink rocks!

    Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies! Have a great weekend :)
    Kat xx

  38. i love your storage. so organized hehe. especially the pink drawer. we don't have that color here. only the boring white ones.

  39. Clever with the Coastal scents storage!! Now I know how to store mine!

  40. Hey! I love your storage solution way better than mine. I just posted a picture of mine also and so far no one has told me how cute it is, LOL ^_^ . Your storage for make up is the second I've seen on here and I must say I do have the plastic up right but I'm super jealous of the desk... I'm currently looking.

    - Christina Leilani

  41. @Fruity Lashes - thanks medear, I've not had much luck either sourcing a second set of pink plastic drawers :(
    @GiddyPrincess - I wish I could find larger letter openers with more spaces!
    @Christina Leilani - Thank you!I love your large set of drawers, I've never seen ones like that here

    Kat xx

  42. aw all those perfume bottles look so pretty

  43. heyy im a new follower :) great way of storing your make up, especially love the palette storage! I was wondering if I could ask you a quick question as I saw you lived in the UK aswell, I have wanted a coastal scents palette for ages, was there any problems with shipping it over or the currency etc? Any advice would be great
    Emmy xxx

  44. Thanks persephone, I can't part with my finished ones, I'm keeping them as a collection :)

    Hey Emmy, thanks for following! I've made two orders from Coastal Scents but only once I was stung by UK Customs. You can buy off the CS website if you have a credit or debit card and your bank will work out the exchange rate at the time of the transaction - but the website will only tell you how much it is in USD, so you'll need to check the current exchange rate to GBP to get an idea of how much it will cost. There are various shipping rates depending on how soon you want your order, they're not cheap so I went for the lowest one and it took over a week to arrive. I think I paid about $20 shipping on a $80 order.

    Kat xx

  45. love this post! got some ideas there for my palettes! x

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