Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation Review & FOTD

A little while ago the lovely Lauren from lovelaughlauren requested I review Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Foundation after I used it in a FOTN post.  It's my favourite heavy coverage drugstore foundation.    

  • Flawless coverage.  For some the thickness of this foundation may be a downside, but when you need some serious coverage and don't want to see one single freckle peaking through (like if I'm going for a vintage look with a strong red lip and winged liner and want a flawless complexion) this is your foundation.
  • For pale skin, it's the best budget foundation I've come across.
  • It is very blendable but does set after a few minutes.
  • Following on from this, it does last a good 8-10 hours before it needs a touch up, but I've had it on more than 16 hours sometimes and it's still passable and hasn't melted off.  However I have very oily skin and I do start to look dewy after a few hours and especially in hot weather.  However this is easily remedied by a blotting sheet (I love e.l.f's) and you can powder over it without making it look cake-y.
  • Fabulous value for money, it's normally priced at £5.99 but I picked up mine during an offer for £3.99.
  • It's oil-free and not scented.
  • It's SPF 20 is the highest I've come across in a drugstore foundation.
  • Pump-action bottle is extremely convenient and I like the fact it's in a glass bottle.  MAC need to cop on and provide pumps with their foundations that don't already have them.
  • As always, I would prefer if Collection 2000 produced a wider range of shades.  Vanilla is about as light as it gets when it comes to drugstore foundation brands.
  • Because it is such a long wear foundation it's a bit of a mission to remove and you really wouldn't want to sleep in it.
  • It does transfer to your boyfriend's shirt when you go in for a hug!
  • This isn't really a con as I've had it for ages and all other foundations do the same, but it has oxidised slightly which means it's taken on a more orange tone.  But if you use it consistently and finish the bottle in a few months, there wouldn't be any problems with oxidation.

Here's a FOTD that I didn't specifically do to showcase the foundation, I think it was for an eye look, but I can't even remember what eyeshadows I used now, but it does show what Lasting Finish a light application is like, you can get heavier coverage by building it.

I'd definitely repurchase this foundation, but I'm also keen to try Collection 2000's new Perfect Finish foundation which has a lighter consistency.

Have you tried any Collection 2000 foundations? 


  1. I am SICK of foundations with no pump, or that aren't in a squeeze tube. Srsly. I've just heard great things about Collection 2000 Matt + Minerals foundation as well, so I'm going to get some of that to try out. I think we forget how good cheaper stuff can be!

  2. Tell me about it! MAC have a cheek charging £20 for a bottle with no pump - it's so unhygienic, and I'm sure pro MUAs would appreciate a pump as well as regular Jolenes! I'm planning to work my way through Collection 2000's foundation range. Their lightest colour is Vanilla (I forgot to mention this above) and a much better match for me than NC15 which is too orange and dark. MAC need to get a clue and bring out NC10 and NC5!

  3. Thanks!
    I think I will pick this up- i've been umming and ahhing for a long time, and for the price I really just need to go for it!

  4. Thank you for the review! :) I HATE foundations that are in a bottle without a pump!! :/ How about Nars Sheer Glow that costs a fortune (I think $42) and you have to buy the pump seperately?

  5. @ Lauren - let me know how you get on with it! I used it again this morning and it's gone a little orange as I had it quite a while, time for a new bottle!

    @ Stavroula - You're welcome! Yes NARS is another offender - it's so unhygienic to not properly seal off the bottle!

    Kat x

  6. I'm looking for a new foundation, maybe I'll give this one a try.


  7. Tell me about it. I went looking for my Clinique Superfit which has no pump but comes in a squeezy bottle with a tiny opening so it's not too bad.. but they didn't have it in stock in my shade, so I had to grab the one in the GLASS bottle with NO PUMP! I mean, seriously.. what the hell? How am I supposed to get the stuff out!? I have bruises on the back of my hand from banging the bottle on my knuckles to get the foundation out! Terrible!

  8. i have this, and i have the palest skin in the world, and its so orange on me :( xxxx

  9. Oh this looks really great on you! I wish I lived in the UK because I bet it's a budget dupe of MUFE HD with a bit of transfer... interesting. I'd like to compare the two.

  10. @dating diva - it's well worth a try, the shade range isn't massive but you may find one close enough that you could mix with another to get the perfect shade!

    @Angel - When there's no pump I always end up tipping out too much product, and you hardly want to put it back in the bottle. A pump for hard bottles are a squeezy tube are the only way to go with foundation.

    @Chloe - Even their Vanilla shade? For me it's a lot less orangey than MAC's lightest NC15 shade. As I said, my LF is a bit darker now, but it works okay if you mix it with a lighter shade. I'm thinking of getting a pure white or near enough foundation from Illamasqua to lighten up my foundations. I just became your 100th follower! It's a really cute blog - will you let me know if the H&M angled brush is any good? Can't believe it's only £3!

    @Cydonian - I haven't tried any MUFE foundations but all I can say is it's excellent quality for £4!

    Kat x

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  12. I really like this foundation but 1 thing, shade 1 Vanilla, is darker than shade 2 ivory! Has no one else realised this? Though some pale powder helps keep the darkness away, all in all, lovely foundation, have 2 bottles in shade 1 and 2.

    From beckie mccauley, age 14 :) xxx


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