MAC Disney Venomous Villains Haul & FOTN

I realise I'm 10 years late with this given that I dashed down to the MAC store the minute the collection was launched, but better late than never!  I picked up a couple more bits than I'd planned to and so I'll review and swatch each product in separate posts otherwise this one will be so pic-heavy it'll crash your computer!  I was quite lucky that the products I wanted were within the Evil Queen and Maleficent collections as I'm not keen on Cruella or Dr. Facilier - sorry to sound like broken record, but where the hell was Ursula?!  We could have has some lovely teals, aquas, emerald greens...le sigh...

I had intended to pick up Oh So Fair Beauty Powder and Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer, but My Dark Magic Mineralize eye shadow  was so utterly gorgeous I had to have it, and then I just got carried away and went for Mean and Green Nail Lacquer and Strange Potion Lipglass.

I was quite happy with straight-up cartoon pictures on the products themselves, although a lot of people felt it was a bit tacky.  I really like sketchy designs on the outer packaging, but they didn't bother with the nail lacquer boxes which was a bit lazy!

Eyes: My Dark Magic Mineralize eye shadow
Cheeks: Oh So Fair Beauty Powder 
Lips: Strange Potion Lipglass

I was super sad and took the character cards near the till.  Oh well, I was gripped in a fever!

I'll post about each product individually over the next few days, so stay tuned!


  1. Oooh, I like the lipglass on you! And I so would have taken the cards too!

  2. Did you line your upper waterline? I've never done that... must try.

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  3. Gorgeous haul and lovely pics! it would seem that I'm officially the last person on earth who hasnt bought anything from this collection! Nothing really jumped out at me though I would happily use any of the products just because the packaging is so fantastic! :)

  4. Awww your eyes look fabulous!!! Love this collection. Lovely blog sweetie!!! Try checking out mine...Hey I'm following you.

  5. I wanted the queen beauty powder so bad, but it sold out online, and live miles away from my nearest MAC store. So sad :( All those colours look beautiful on you, really compliment your hair and skin tone xxx

  6. @Robyn - Yeah the Lipglass is a pretty colour, but gotta say I'm not a huge fan of the formula, it's a bit gloopy/sticky.

    @Angel - Yeah I started doing it about 2 years ago, if you're going for a dramatic look it really adds dimension, especially if your eyelashes are a bit light. You really have to have the right pencil though, the only one that works well for me Lancome's Crayon Kohl.

    @All Made Up - Thank you! When I first saw the collection on Temptalia I felt a bit let down, apart from Bad Fairy nail polish, but once I hit the store all hell broke loose! I don't really regret anything I bought except perhaps Mean & Green nail polish, but I've sworn off MAC until Christmas now!

    @Jonna - Thank you! It'll be my last MAC madness for a while!

    @Rakhshanda - Thank you and hugs for following! I'll check out your blog in a sec :)

    @Small Old Bean - (what a cute name!) Aw that's a shame, but really the best thing about it is the packaging, I wouldn't completely rate the product as it's too light to act a blush and too heavy to use all over your face - a better product function-wise is Benefit's Dandelion powder.

    Kat x


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