Sleek MakeUP Rose Gold Shimmer Blush

As if I didn't have enough reasons to love Sleek Make Up (hello Storm palette and Pout Polishes!) they've gone and pulled another gem out of the bag...behold their new shimmer blush in Rose Gold.  When I first saw the tester in Superdrug I didn't think it would suit me as the colour is also very similar to Make Up Stores blush in Lust but I dabbed a bit onto my cheeks and it really lifted my face, much the same way that NARS Orgasm does (it's on the wishlist!).  Thus began the Almighty Search for a Sleek concession that stocked the blush.  I drafted in friends, boyfriends, mums...but in the end I completed the mission myself, nabbing the second to last one in Westfield (sorry!).
With Flash

Rose Gold is
very shimmery, but not glittery - there are no massive chunks of glitter (I'm looking at you, NARS Super Orgasm ¬_¬).  It's a peachy coral colour with gold undertones.  There's pink in there too but not so much as Orgasm.  It's more sheeny than shimmer and the powder is extremely finely milled so it goes on incredibly smooth.  The pigmentation is insane so you need to use a light hand.
Without Flash

I'm afraid I don't have a photo of how it looks on my cheeks as I'd already done my makeup when I took these, but here are some swatches on my inner arm.  I will do  FOTD with it at some stage, but I'm doing my
5-5-5 challenge this week :)
Without flash:

With flash:

The packaging is very 'sleek' :) But mine was a bit stiff at first and I had to take a sharp implement to it.  Seems to be loosening up now though.  The mirror is a bonus and means that it will come on day trips while my MAC blushes languish in a drawer.

This blush has made me immensely happy for £3.99!  Two other blushes, Pomegranate and Sunrise were released along with Rose Gold, but they don't suit my fair skin at all.

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  1. Oooh this is super pretty!! I'm hoping that my husband's mum can pick it up for me -- I sent her a shopping list so fingers crossed!

  2. Trust me, you need this blush in your life, so I hope your mum-in-law is successful! If not you can get it online, not sure how much P&P is though.

  3. I love it! I managed to get mine in Westfield too, I went in there the day it came out and a few days later and both times there was another sad girl looking for it too! But I snapped one up and also one for a friend who may have already asked her husbands mum to pick it up for her :P

    Also the thought of Kevin looking for this in Superdrug has made me laugh!

  4. This blush looks absolutely gorgeous! I didn't realize Sleek blushes were so pigmented! I may have to ask for this the next time I do a UK swap :)

  5. This is gorgeous!!! I want it!!!

  6. @ Robyn - I'm so glad you managed to grab one too, it's great and I might almost remove NARS Orgasm from my wishlist! Kev promised me he'd go to Superdrug but then kept putting it off! I think he's scarred by the time I made him get tit-tape for me on his way to my birthday party (it was an emergency and that dress has since made friends with a charity shop!)

    @WillWorkForMakeup - they're amazing quality for the price, I've swatched NARS blushes in the shops and they're not as pigmented as Sleek's!

    @Stravoula - Go for it! :)

    Kat x

  7. this colour looks so pretty! i looked at it the other day but for some reason didn't pick it up. wish i had now so will be rushing back to superdrug soon =) xx

  8. @ *Starsglittermagic* - I hope you manage to grab one, it's well worth having and I think it may be limited edition, but not 100% sure!

    @Marilou - testfify! Well done Sleek I say!

    Kat x

  9. Oh i love rose gold. I must get some. ASAP.

  10. I've just got this :D Great swatches btw! xx

  11. *Drools* I'm just dying to have this! Too bad I don't think we have 'em in Canada :/


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