5-5-5 Make-Up Challenge

On a beach in Rhodes I had the idea of paring down my 'work' make-up routine to 5 items and making the most of 'multi-tasking' products. Quite often I go through all my make up and set aside stuff I'd forgotten about to use up, usually this leaves me with a box of stuff which then overwhelms me on a busy morning. While I know I should be using up as much of my stash as possible before it expires, all I want now in the dark mornings is an easy life.  For a lot of people 5 products may seem a decent amount, but this challenge is for any make up junkies out there!

The Challenge:

  • Choose 5 products - I've picked a mix of budget and MAC, but to make it even more recession friendly you can make all 5 budget, or if you think you'd really struggle 5 high-end may work better as they tend to be the best for 'multi-tasking' - like the NARS Multiple in Orgasm.
  • It should only take 5 minutes to apply everything - I'm timing myself for the first time tomorrow morning so I'll let you know how I get on!
  • Repeat for 5 days - Monday to Friday; my working week. 
  • Use of beauty tools, like brushes and eyelash curlers is not restricted.

The Kit:

1. Collection 2000 Lasting Finish Foundation in Vanilla.  I reviewed this last week here.  It's very thick so it will double as a concealer for me and it keeps my oil at bay pretty well so I'm going without a setting powder.

2. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Strut.  I picked this up after I heard it was good for redheads.  If I could only choose one make up product to use it would be brow pencil as my are very light and when darkened they frame my face.  I'm not totally convinced about the colour, but like how precise it is, and so I'll attempt to use it as an eye liner too.

3. Sleek Make-Up Face Contour Kit in Light.  Now this is a bit of a cheat as it's technically two products - the bronze contour powder and the highlighting powder.  However it's my favourite contour colour and I can use both powders as eye shadow - the highlighter all over the lid and the contour powder to darken the crease.

4. MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick.  This is my lipstick of the moment, and as it's such a vibrant colour I will use it as a cream blush too.

5.  Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara.  My favourite 'everyday' mascara.  Amazing length and separation and a good dollop of volume.  This tube is very near the end of its life and I'll definitely be replacing it.  I'm planning to try using it like a gel eye liner with a very thin brush.  A waterproof mascara would work better for this, but I'll give this a shot anyway.

And the kit all fits into my tiny poodle purse with room to spare!  Very handy for flinging into my handbag for touch ups.

I'll take a photo each day and post daily if I get the time, or if not, all on Friday evening and let you know how I got on!  This challenge should really highlight my Holy Grail items and I may be able to pare my routine down further! Okay let's not get ahead of myself! ...

If you try the 5-5-5 challenge I'd really like to hear what products you chose!  Or if you have any ideas on other uses for any of my 5 products please leave me a comment below! 


  1. If palettes don't count, no WAY could I do this!

  2. Hmm, yes I decided to go without a 'proper' eye shadow...when I do it again I might swap the contour kit for the Sleek Storm palette, I love that thing to bits!

  3. Nooooo way could I do this!

  4. I could do this EASILY! I could bring it down to 1 product! CONCEALER!

    I was gonna do this, this week.. but I'm doing videos so I need my make-up. But if I had to chose 5 products it would be...
    1. Concealer
    2. MAC Skinfinish as a finishing powder
    3. Mascara (eyelash curler's don't count, right?)
    4. Blush
    5. Lipgloss

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  5. This is such a great idea, I'm going to give it a try :D xx


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