MAC + Disney Venomous Villains: Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

It went through my heart to cough up £20.50 for this beauty powder.  Is it a blush?  Is it an all-over-face powder? Who knows!  But see that lil' cartoon on the front? My love of all things Disney runs deep.  The cartoon is actually just stuck on or 'applied' to the casing.  While I can't say I regret getting it - it was on my list from the minute I saw the collection - I do think MAC cashed in.  

I know some people keep the boxes make up comes in, and while I normally chuck mine right away, this beauty is staying in it's box, which has a nice sketchy design on the front.  Click HERE to see examples of the collection's packaging.


The best thing about Oh So Fair is the mirror on the lid.  MAC need to get a clue and roll it out across their other products.  The container is much larger than their blushes and closer to the size of MSFs.  In the pan, Oh So Fair is a pale pink matte powder, and swatched it is practically transparent.  In the photo below I used it as a blush - you have to layer it on about 3 times to get any sort of effect.  However it can also be used with a
very light hand all over your face to give a bit of a glow, a bit like Benefit's Dandelion powder, but not as iridescent.  I considered picking up Briar Rose, as I love the name, but it was a bit too puce for me, and the image of Maleficent wasn't very exciting.

If you're trawling eBay for Oh So Fair I would advise you not to pay too much over the RRP as the product itself is nothing to write home about, but if you want it as a sort of 'show piece' - a cosmetic ornament as such - and are Disney nuts, then go for it.  However I reckon there'll be a few popping up in blog sales in the future once all the hype dies down.


  1. I got this one too, thinking I'd use it as an all over face powder but it doesn't really work for me this way (since I'm yellow).
    However applied with a not so light hand on the cheeks, it gives me a light natural flush and since I often wear 2 blushes anyway (with more color on the apple of the cheek) it works pretty well.

  2. The blush looks so pretty on you:)

    You have a great blog! :) Im gonna follow you!
    Hope you visit and follow me back!

    have a great weekend!

    Lots of love from belgium,

  3. it looks really pretty on you!

    i've got very similar colouring to you and i got briar rose and i love it, you hardly have to touch the brush to it to get enough on it and i think it looks like the sort of colour i get when i go out in the cold

  4. Great giveaway! If you end up doing a post about me/my blog, can you link my youtube channel too!?See you tomorrow!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  5. Im soooo jealous, this is the one piece I wanted from the collection and it sold out online so fast! It looks very pretty

  6. You're so lucky, I really wanted this! haha, it looks very pretty on you!

  7. I love it! Even though im quite yellow because i do wear it with very dark eyes it works on me! looks lovely on you!! xx

  8. This colour looks stunning on your skintone xx


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