MAC + Disney Venomous Villains: Mean & Green Nail Lacquer

With flash on left, without flash on right

Mean & Green Nail Lacquer is definitely my least favourite purchase from the Venomous Villains collection, but I think it's worth posting some swatches for any of you guys who may be considering paying an extortionate eBay price for it.  I did like the look of it on Temptalia, but didn't intend to get it, and so it's one of the bits that I succumbed to on the release day frenzy!  I think it is a pretty cool colour for Halloween, but it's not particularly flattering.  

On it's own, one nor two coats work, you have to apply three.  And even then it chips rapidly at the tips of your nails.  The best way to wear it is two coats over an already opaque base - perhaps a dark purple or green and then topped off with a coat of clear.  10mls is not a huge amount and after my one three-coat application quite a lot is already used up!

I wouldn't go out of my way to pick this one up, as Orly have similar offerings, and more recently, Accessorize have come out with two polishes that look like Mean & Green and Bad Fairy dupes.  I'm not sure what I'll do with this lacquer, you may see it pop up in a blog sale at some stage.

Here are some shots showing one, two and three coats...

One coat

Here I've applied one coat, and all you can really see is green, without much of the purple duochrome.

This is two coats and you can begin to see the purple shimmer asserting itself!  But it still looks pretty shoddy!

Here we have three coats under bright fluorescent lighting.

Again, three coats, but under normal artificial light, with a camera flash.  This is how it looks best.  You can see that at the tips of my nails it looks transparent and green, but this is only picked up by the camera  and not really noticeable.
All in all, while I do regret the purchase, I know if I hadn't got it I would be hankering after it.  For me, it's not worth £8, but I do think the photography doesn't do it full justice, and it does look better in 'real life'.

So, did you pick up Mean&Green? What do you think of it? Would you pay crazy £ for it on eBay?!


  1. This is so pretty. While I don't think £8 for a polish is horrendous, I do expect more from MAC! And I'm verrry interested in seeing these Accessorize polishes!

  2. it looks really pretty but not getting great reviews xx

  3. @Robyn - yes I saw the Accessorize nail polishes on another blog, they looked VERY similar, but for the life of me can't remember which blog it was now!

    @Jade - in comparison to Bad Fairy it's a bit rubbish, and p'raps people are judging before the 3rd coat, but as I said, it's not fabulous, but not as rubbish as some reviews have made out.

  4. was the blog you saw the accesorize nail polishes on "do not refreeze"? thats where I saw them, ithink xxxxx

  5. Yep! That's the one! Here's the link to the post -

    The polishes do look might similiar, esp. the Bad Fairy dupe. I was just out and had a look in my local Access but they don't stock polishes :(

  6. My stupid cat rolled it under this huge sofa bed thing im living on at the moment. Its too heavy to move! Looks so cool and different (although i bet it streaks like hell on my acrylic covered nails :S) I really want to try mine!!


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