Magazine Freebie: November's Marie Claire - Ciate Paint Pot in Dangerous Affair

The November issue of Marie Claire comes with a free Ciate Paint Pot in Dangerous Affair, the one I picked up, or Mistress, a classic pillar box red.  Ciate Paint Pots normally cost £9, but you can get Marie Claire for £3.50.  Dangerous Affair is a beautiful, glossy deep raspberry shade, perfect for Autumn.  The picture above is a two-coat job.

I adore the bottle, compared to Essie or OPI it's far more elegant and has a slight curve.  You know me, anything with a bow!

Two coats, no flash

One coat, no flash on left, flash on right.

There's also a couple of offers inside: 25% off at and £10 off Molton Brown products.

There's still quite a few mags left in the shops (not like the Glamour-Benefit hook-up in June!).


  1. Gorgeous! I might have to buy a copy, it looks so good on

  2. Yep, the bottle is pretty huge! I forgot to mention that it's a lot like Nails Inc.'s Picadilly Circus, another mag freebie polish I love!

  3. Aw, it's so cute and such a pretty color!(:

  4. I got this shade too - I have it as my pedicure. I love the bottle, it's so easy to hold when you paint your nails. I'm gonna use it for a 40's half-moon mani soon.

  5. I got the deeper one. They're lovely shades.

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  6. Beautiful color, I love reds! :) The cute bottle is a plus! ;)

  7. @ Reyna - yes it is lovely, I'll always have this type of shade in my collection!

    @Robyn - Looking forward to the half moon mani, I've seen pics before but would like to see how it's done!

    @Angel - You inspired me to pick it up!!

    @ Stavroula - I love the pink undertone too, it really suits pale skin. Loving the bottle, it's so pretty on my dressing table :)

    @Jonna - Thank you!!

    Kat x

  8. This is so beautiful shade love it


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