NOTD: MAC + Disney Venomous Villains - Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer

When I first saw the VV collection swatched on Temptalia, my initial reaction was...meh... (although I was soon whipped up into a frenzy by the hype), except for this little beauty: Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer.  Fell in love at first sight and it will be an enduring love.  The only drawback is that, like Mean & Green, it takes a few coats to really reach it's full potential.  But it looks 'ok' with just two, unlike M&G.

Behold the beauty...

One Coat, with flash

Two coats, with flash

I really hope MAC considering making this a permanent product, as I'd definitely repurchase.  It's Autumn and Christmas in a bottle.  Mine has a very red/orange/gold tinge but I've seen swatches that show it looking more magenta.

It chips very easily at the edge of your nails, so a clear top coat is a must.  Also it works best with a another opaque colour underneath.  When I tried it in store I was wearing Ciate's Mistress, and one coat of Bad Fairy worked amazingly well.  I'll be doing this in future to conserve it as it's only 10mls, which for £8, isn't that great!


  1. oh wow- this looks so pretty!
    I haven't tried mac's nail polishes just because i haven't seen anything i really want but i'm definately going to try and get my hands on this :)

  2. @ Rakhshanda - I know, I'm totally addicted to it!

    @ R May A - On the whole I hear that MAC nail polishes are not their strong point, but this one was too pretty to pass up. Not thrilled with the quality of the brush though - there's hairs sticking out which make application a bit tricky!

    @tanya - I don't think I'll ever get bored with it!

    Kat x

  3. I adoreeeeeeeeee this nail colour. It's the only one 1 got from the collection.

    Enter my giveaway gals xx


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