Your Advice Please! ... Shopping List Ideas for Miami...

I'm going to Miami (for work) in November, but I'm going out a couple of days early to get some sightseeing and shopping in! I'll also be there on 26th November which I hear is 'Black Friday' where a lot of shops have crazy sales on!

I used to have a list of bits I wanted to get next time I go to the US, but it's gone missing! So, I'm hoping you will give me your suggestions of beauty products and shops which I need to check out! 

Here's my list so far, I'll only get a few bits, depending on the prices of course!:

Eco Tools brushes (I know Boots stocks some of these now, but I'd rather wait to see if I can get a larger set for less $)
MAC 109 brush
MAC 168 brush
MAC 138 brush
MAC 224 brush
MAC 219 brush
Or maybe I should just order a Sigma set? It depends the currency exchange rate at the time.  I had a quick look at the MAC US site, and its not good :(
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
MAC Antiqued e/s
Juicy Couture (original) EDP
Crest Advanced Seal White Strips (My friend brought me a set last time she was in Miami, and I like!)
A&F Fierce (I know it's a man's scent, but I love it!)
Stilla Kitten e/s
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara
Kheil's Avocado Eye Treatment
NARS Laguna/Orgasm Duo
Ped Egg blades (yuk, but good!)

Sephora (really interested in their set of mini perfumes/mascaras and perfume rollerballs)
Forever 21
Target (hoping I can get my hands on one of the Mulberry bags, but I 'spose there all sold out now...)
Sally's Beauty Supply

And can anyone tell me if there's an In-N-Out Burger in Miami/Fort Lauderdale...Google search has proved fruitless :(

I'm looking forward to your suggestions and really interested in hearing about products you can only get in the US!

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  1. Im so jealous!!
    Are you going to go to DASH miami??

  2. Your list seems really good, tbh! The only suggestion I can make is to go to Target later in the day, if you can help it (I think they're open until 11PM on Black Friday). Don't go anywhere near there during the day, it is an absolute madhouse!

    CVS is a definite yes, very clean and organized.

    Ulta, Sephora and Forever21 don't do much in the way of Black Friday sales. Ulta sort of, but they always have sales, and Forever21 is usually in a mall so I would again stay far far away from there, at least until the end of the day when people are tired of shopping. Sephora will be jammed for sure.

    If you can, go to Ulta & Sephora the day after, the sales will probably still be running!

    Have fun in my homeland :D

  3. Oh and there's no In n Out in Miami :( They are focused on the West Coast... you have to check out Chick Fil A and Zaxby's while you're here if you come across one! Very good for fast food.

  4. Black Friday is amazing, I've been in NY for 2 of them and it's like nothing I've ever seen before hehe Deffo check out the rollerball perfumes in Sephora. If you're going to any outlets, you need to go to the CCO there, cheap Mac makeup among many other skincare/makeup brands.

    All of the drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reades etc always have sales on the drugstore makeup. The Duane Reades beside our hotel sold OPI and Essie nail varnishes which was brilliant :)

    Sephora will be your friend, just remembered, they have a rollerball set of the 3 juicy perfumes, which might be great, even for xmas presents.

    You'll have a ball, am highly jealous!!!

  5. In-N-Out is only in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. Sorry hun!

  6. coucou super la chance !!! je suis contente pour toi :) bisous

  7. @ Small Old Bean - Not sure what DASH is - I'll google it!

    @Rakhshanda - Thanks!

    @Cydonian - Thanks so much for all your suggestions! I'm flying home on the night of Black Friday so I'll have to get everything that day! I thought In-N-Out was mainly West coast but spreading eastwards slowly, I actually have a Facebook petition to bring it to the UK! So sad! But the Double Double and strawberry milkshake is heaven on earth!

    @Karen - Thanks! I actually spotted that Juicy Couture rollerball set in Boots today but it's £30 for 25mls in total, so hopefully it will be cheaper in Miami!

    @Shannon - I'm looking for any excuse to get back to Cali!

    @borabora - merci beaucoup!

  8. Sephora, sephora, sephora.... buy everything lol!

    Over $400 worth of pizes xx

  9. Its the Kardashians shop!! I did write it and then think, oh, I hope she knows what Im on about!?

  10. has no good fast food restaurants like in cali, In n out was not my fave place, but theres something here way similar to it its called steak n shake, check it out. Theres a stand alone sephora in miami beach only, rest are inside jcpennys. have fun!!

  11. No there is no in-n-out there...


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