Tack Attack! Radiance EDP by Britney Spears & Free Sample

If you've been reading this blog a while you'll know that I'm partial to a bit of tackiness now and then. Especially when it comes to perfume bottles! I love Gucci Rush, but see that plain, red, plastic box it comes in? Snooze! And so I've never repurchased it.

I was pleasantly surprised by Britney's first perfume, Curious, as it's actually quite nice sweet and clean scent, if a little bubble-gummy. I actually bought Midnight Fantasy when Boots had it on offer last year for about a tenner purely for the bling-tastic bottle. I'm not hugely keen on the scent which is quite powdery and cloying, but it does garner compliments from men more so than more 'fashionable' fragrances.

And so when I saw the over-the-top bottle for Radiance I popped to Boots for a sniff, and you know what, it ain't bad! The marketing jazz describes it as: luscious berry and dewy petals unfold to reveal a radiant heart of luminous pure white flowers, lit from within by the glow of precious amber, woods and sexy musk. I think it actually smells a lot lighter and citrus and not as sexy as it's description and quite a lot like a grown-up Curious. As for the bottle, it does look cheaper in real life than it does in the advertising shots. The advert is gloriously cheesy and worth a look, just google or YT it. It's £28 for 50mls which is more than I'd fork out for it as the scent didn't last long on my wrists at all, but if it comes down like it's forerunners to £15 or under I'll snap it up.

You can order a free sample of Radiance by filling in this little form: http://britneyspearsbeauty.co.uk/sample/sample.php

Let me know in the comments whether you have any Britney scents and what one is your favourite? I've been thinking of getting Fantasy for a while - would you recommend?


  1. For me Fantasy is a very strong fruity scent. I usually love fruity scents. But Fantasy seems a lot stronger for me. My husband hates this perfume. Whenever I used it, he says he can't stand that smell lol. Even myself got dizzy with my own smell. So, I did not repurchase. Hope it helps. =)

  2. That bottle is crazay! I'll have to try it at the mall.

  3. Ohhh, I don't know if I like it or not! I do like tacky bottles though, there's a new awful blingy Paco Rabanne one that I like!

  4. I'll have to try this. Love all of her perfumes. Sad but true..hehe. xx

  5. I sometimes wish I preferred more grown up scents but I can't stand musky perfumes like chanel no5 and the like.

    As for Britneys perfumes I'd definitely recommend Fantasy! I was in work and my boss reckoned he could smell candy floss when I walked past. That should give you an idea of how girly and sweet it is :) obviously some people would absolutely hate it but I reckon it's seriously yummy!


  6. @ Flora D - I really can't make up my mind about Fantasy as I sometimes love it or hate it! But it's very strong and will probably last on the skin a while, which is something I like!

    @ Robyn - Oh I haven't seen that one! Must check it out.

    @Ansa - I wish I liked the one in the red bottle, can't remember the name of it, but I just want the bottle!

    @ All Made Up - I agree, Chanel No5 is definitely an 'old lady' perfume and I can't imagine anyone under 50 wanting to wear it! Sweet musky is okay, like Hypnotic Poison, but not ones which are too chypre-y.

    Kat x

  7. I love this perfume! the bottle is gorgeous I think and it smells soo nice :) xxx


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