5-5-5 Make-Up Challenge Round Up!

I did my challenge a couple of weeks ago but forgot to let you know how I got on!  The idea behind was to streamline my morning make up routine, tease out what really are my essential make up items (I'd now be happy to travel with just 5 items!) and to use up some products which seem to be lasting forever! (I'm looking at you, Collection 2000 Lasting Finish foundation! ¬_¬)

To recap, the challenge consisted of the following:

Choose 5 products - I've picked a mix of budget and MAC, but to make it even more recession friendly you can make all 5 budget, or if you think you'd really struggle 5 high-end may work better as they tend to be the best for 'multi-tasking' - like the NARS Multiple in Orgasm.

  • It should only take 5 minutes to apply everything - I'm timing myself for the first time tomorrow morning so I'll let you know how I get on!
  • Repeat for 5 days - Monday to Friday; my working week. 
  • Use of beauty tools, like brushes and eyelash curlers is not restricted.

And this was my kit:

I was on 'earlies' at work that week so it was a blessing to know exactly what I was using and to try and keep it down to five minutes. I succeeded in sticking to 5 products only for 5 days, but I'd forgotten how long it takes to blend in the Collection 2000 foundation - this along took almost 5 minutes! So in reality the whole routine took about 8-10 minutes, which isn't too bad considering I did look like I was 'made up'. If I were to use a lighter foundation like Bourjois Healthy Mix or Bare Minerals I reckon I could get it down to 5 minutes.

As it was a challenge I did go back to my regular kit afterwards, but in future, if I know I have a particularly stressful work week ahead with early starts I'll pick out a few bits on a Sunday night, set them aside and stick with them for the week.

I took photos on a few of the mornings, and here they are for your viewing pleasure! On the final morning I was trying out some mineral foundation from Firstlight Cosmetics, so I look a bit paler, but I substituted it for the liquid foundation, thereby sticking to the 5 product rule!

Day 2

Day 3
Day 4
Overall, it was a fun challenge, but I did miss my blusher! It was very hard to resist using my new Sleek Rose Gold!


  1. You did really well, I've been thinking of trying it out since you mentioned it, but I know beyond a doubt I will not get it down to five minutes!

  2. Maybe I will try this out as well:)
    What do YOU think?

  3. Well done! I don't think I could stick to only five products...I tend to use a tiny bit of about 10 different products to create my everyday face - makes it a nightmare when I'm off on holiday! x

  4. You look so beautiful~!
    Love this article and site THANKYOU~!LOVE smokey eyes and curly lashes!
    Makes my eyes look 3 times as big..
    I like makeup and lashes to lasts all day. My favorite Eyelash curler is the Hot Lashes 2 pc heated eyelash curler~!
    Hands metal curler is identical to the Shu curler but with heat..curly lashes and concealer with lipstick and I am out the door.
    My super straight lashes stay curly till the next day with this great reviews on Amazon and also saw on the site~ Thanks for all your suggestions..Love this site~! and looking to get married next year..Yea!

  5. I did this for one day - i don't think i'd be able to manage for more than one day though - i love all my products :)
    your hair looks lovelys by the way x

  6. Oh man, that is a challenge! Kudos to you for making it through the 5 days. Oh and in response to the liner question, I used this one in black.

  7. @Angel - Thanks!

    @Small Town Gal - Yes the 5 minute cap is a bit difficult to stick to if there's liquid foundation involved!

    @Helene - Go for it!

    @LilyLipstick - Yes I had to give the 5 a lot of thought and make sure they doubled/tripled up in function, I tend to take a bunch of products on holiday as I never know what I'll need or want to use!

    @madison - thank you!

    @..R May A.. - Aww, well good on you for giving it a shot, it's not something I could do for more than a week!

    @BottledBeauty - Thanks! And that eyeliner is different to the one I have (pen version), I must see if the UK website stocks it.


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