Greece Haulage

Something happens me when I go abroad...things I would never dream of buying in the UK (tacky things, okay really tacky things!) somehow become appealing and 'must haves.'  I suppose it's the same for people who buy all sorts of hideous souvenirs, get them home and think WTF?! This happened during my little September jaunt around Greece, but the most damage was done in Rhodes.  The worst time ever was when I went to Istanbul after finishing uni and did some serious damage in the Grand Bazaar...oh the crap I bought! I even got a Fez and decided I would start a hat collection for chrissakes!

Anyway, a shame shared is a shame halved, right?!  I'll start with the 'beauty' bits first and move on to the tat...feel free to click away, haha!

I don't know why I bought this set as I have a bowling bag full of empty, and full, mini bottles, but these say 'Sephora' on of my favourite words!  I hoping they'll make me feel that bit more glamorous when travelling :) The bag came with two 100ml bottles, one spray top, one pop-top, two small jars and one large jar.  I bought an extra large jar and pop-top bottle for 1.70 euros each and the set itself was 9.30 euros, so overall, the containers are a little cheaper than Boots' offerings.

Heathrow's Terminal 5 has a Victoria's Secret concession and I cannot pass through it without picking up
something.  I love anything vanilla so I grabbed this Beauty Rush body double mist.   It was a pretty large bottle (250ml) to lug around Greece for two weeks, but I had to suck it up!  It was even pricier than normal for VS at £9.50, normally you can get their body sprays for £5.50.  It's like one of those eye make-up removers than you have to shake to mix the two parts and once shaken it goes cloudy.  I'd hoped to use it like a cheap perfume, but it's actually a bit oily so I have to use it as a moisturiser.

Natural sponges are for sale all over Santorini and Rhodes and I got this one for only 3.50 euros.  The lady who sold it to me said it was good for exfoliation.  I've used it a couple of times instead of my normal nylon shower 'puff' and although it doesn't lather the soap as well, it is very soft and luxurious!  I'd definitely recommend you pick up one if you're in Greece.

Yep. I got a fake Louis Vuitton bag in Rhodes Old Town.  Told you I had a tat-attack.  It was 35 euros, I don't know if that's good or bad but I once got a fake Chanel bag down from over £100 at Grand Bazaar to £15. It's not a great fake, the burgundy bits on the handles are too red and the measurements are a bit off compared to the real version, which is, by the way £435 for a canvas bag! I also doubt the 'leather' bits are real and therefore won't tan over time in the same way as the real McCoy. I've been looking at this bag for a while (although I hated LV and thought it was awful for years) as I love to lug around a bunch of stuff. It would be better if it had a zip for security.

And of course, the obligatory Hello Kitty could I resist?!  The sock-type-thing is for my iPhone - nice and cosy for winter! I love cute stationery and these HK notebooks were only 1.60 euros each - I've dedicated the 'butterfly' one to my blog, I'm always jotting down ideas for posts and looks.


I love shells and add to my little collection whenever I can.  I got this cute shell pendant for my two girlfriends Angel and Rachel too.

I'll post my little Prague haul at some point too, but most of it was picked up in the airport!


  1. Nice haul from my country!! ;) The HK phone case is so cute!! :)

  2. Those little shells are too cute! Hope you enjoyed your trip :)

  3. The bag looks pretty real! I need to get a natural sponge like that too.


  4. I buy the most tacky souvenirs while on holiday, and then think WTF when I get home.
    The shells are so cute.

  5. Well Hello Kitty is obligatory to buy wherever you go isn't it, except not in the UK.

  6. @Stavroula - Thanks! I wish I was back there in the sun :)A few days in and my HK phone cover is filthy and covered in biro, such a shame!

    @Cydonian - twas lovely thanks, I love putting shells in my bathroom :)

    @dating diva - the bag is great for just chucking everything into and running out the door, sadly a piece of the inner lining near the rim has come loose already!

    @Sherin - I think it affects most people! It's the sun I reckon :)

    @Alicia - Oh I still buy anything HK I see in teh UK! I have a problem!

    Kat xx

  7. It's cloudy and cold now, so no sun lol ! Awwww poor HK phone cover :(

  8. Your Sephora kit is way cuter than mine! They changed it! I can't believe my first holiday in 2 years and I ended up leaving from T3. What are the chances!?

  9. @ Angel - I thought VS was in T3 too? Okay now I'ma stop complaining about T5!

  10. Coool! I love the little Victoria's Secret stands at the airport! I don't travel that much though lol, Greece has awesome shopping, hope you had fun! :)


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